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Effective Influencing Skills

17 August 2016


“No man (or woman) is an island” We do not exist or function alone. We live and work in a society or organization where we need to work with other people in order to get things done.

Most of us realize the need to be able to present well in front of others. Even more important than presenting well is being able to influence effectively. We often need to influence others to support our ideas or recommendations. We frequently need to influence others to come along with us when implementing a project or making a change. Influencing skills is a leadership skill that is important whether you are an employee, manager or the boss because very often, we need to gain the confidence and support of other employees, customers, suppliers or stakeholders that don’t report to us.

Whether you’re an individual contributor, people manager, project manager, team leader, HR or training manager, it is important to know the fundamentals and key principles of effective influencing.

This one day workshop will equip you with a holistic model of influence and focus on practicing the different influencing skills and strategies in order to become an effective influencer.

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Effective Influencing Skills

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