HRM SKILLS Effective Sales Negotiation Skills Workshop
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Effective Sales Negotiation Skills Workshop

14 July 2016


Sales negotiation can be challenging, demanding and uncomfortable to salesperson. In any sales negotiation the outcome is unpredictable. Winning or losing the deal is likening to riding the roller coaster with the adrenaline rush pumping at full speed which increases the heart rate, pulse rate and blood pressure.

In order to sell successfully or close any given deals, salesperson must accomplish two important objectives. The main objective is to close the sales and the second is to conduct themselves in a professional manner and win the trust of the customer without showing emotional or stress when things are not going the right direction.

To become successful in sales, one must master the art of negotiation, understand how the customer thinks and keep your inner emotional struggles under check. How can salesperson negotiate like a pro and without stress?

In this one day workshop, whether you are new to this role or a seasoned professional, you will walk away with new ideas or approaches that exceed your expectations.

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Effective Sales Negotiation Skills Workshop

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