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Effective Sales Negotiation Skills Workshop


In this workshop, participants will learn about:

  • Understanding fundamentals of negotiation

  • Know your Unique Value Proposition?

  • Learn your customer’s backstory

  • Overcoming the psychological fear in negotiation

  • Insider secrets for making sales

  • Negotiate with style and finesse

  • Outline

    The workshop content is as follows:

    1. Know your Unique Value Propositions (UVP)

  • Before you start your negotiation, identify your UVP.

  • Stand out from the crowd with your UVP.

  • Focus on the Why and not What.

  • 2. Fundamental of Negotiation

  • Identifying the fundamental and key concepts of negotiation.

  • Strategies to win more deals.

  • Developing salesperson’s confident in deal makings.

  • 3. Overcome the psychology fear and start becoming a successful negotiator

  • Strategy to make negotiation a less painful process

  • How the manager should work with each sales person.

  • How to stay calm and focus during the process of negotiation.

  • What if you lost the deal?

  • 4. Negotiate with style and finesse

  • Key insider’s secrets to winning more deals

  • How to be a better negotiator

  • Asking the essential skill for success.

  • Stop worrying about the numbers and start building relationships.

  • Methodology

    To anchor the learning and winning behavior, the workshop incorporates:

  • Applicable industry examples

  • Interactive exercises and role plays

  • Case study

  • Who Should Attend

    For new or seasoned account managers, salespersons, marketing executives.

    Also suitable for any salesperson who wishes to polish the fine art of negotiation and propel the selling career to the next higher level.

    What questions this training program provides answers to:

  • How to become a successful sales manager?

  • How to negotiate with style and confidence?

  • How to overcome the psychology stress in negotiation?

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    Effective Sales Negotiation Skills Workshop

  • Effective Sales Negotiation Skills Workshop
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