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Results-Based Leadership Workshop

Learning Outcomes

This intensive 1-Day managerial leadership training program combines proven-in-action techniques with peer interaction help the participants to:

  • Gain a clear understanding about the context for leadership today's changing organisation

  • Understand the Emotional Intelligence (EI) competency framework

  • Make the link between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Effectiveness

  • Understand the repertoire of leadership styles that can impact employee engagement

  • Understand the best practices to impact and influence employees to achieve performance goals and enhance organisational climate

  • Appreciate how effective leadership can influence behaviour, goals, decision-making

  • Develop a SMART Leadership Development Plan

  • Modes of Teaching and Learning

    This workshop will employ a combination of teaching methods to foster both critical thinking and cooperative and active learning. The workshop will incorporate both traditional and interactive methods of teaching, including the use of video materials, published literature and articles, case studies, etc.

    Participants will be required to apply the course materials to current issues within their organizations. Participants will be expected to participate actively in a series of in classroom activities, such as case-study analyses, role-playing exercises and debates.


    1. Introduction & Objectives

  • Introduction & Checking-In

  • Setting for Collaborative Session: S.C.O.P.E Approach

  • Group Discussion: Learnt on Why Leaders Fail?

  • 2. Achieving Results at Your Organisation

  • CEE Results-Based Leadership Framework

  • Management vs. Leadership: What is your role?

  • Too Many Bosses/Managers, Too Few Leaders Syndrome

  • Group Exercise: Energizing Self, Energizing Co-Leaders and Energizing the Whole Organization

  • 3. Sustaining Engagement - Organisational Climate

  • Dimensions of Organisational Climate

  • Creating an Environment That Fosters Motivation

  • Relationship between Motives, Managerial Styles and Organisational Climate

  • 4. Leveraging Your Leadership Styles

  • Situational Leadership Approach

  • Goleman's Six Leadership Styles

  • Review of HBR Article: 'Leadership That Gets Results' by Daniel Goleman

  • Group Exercise: Case Study on 'USS Florida'

  • 5. Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Goleman's & BarOn's Framework of E.I Competencies

  • Harvard Video: Daniel Goleman on Social & Emotional Intelligence

  • Individual Exercise: 'Amygdala Hijack'

  • Reviewing Your Individual ESCI Assessment Results

  • Group Exercise: EQ Mini Quiz - 'Leading a Multigenerational Team'

  • 6. Summary and Personal Leadership Development Plan

  • Review of the Key Concepts and Models

  • Individual Exercise: Crafting a SMART Leadership Development Plan for the next 90 days

  • Recommended Post Workshop Readings
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    Results-Based Leadership Workshop

  • Results-Based Leadership Workshop
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