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Art of Body Language


  • Understand the dynamics of body language

  • Interpret the feelings and intentions of others

  • Enhance communication skills with various stakeholders

  • How well can you spot body language contradictions

  • Understanding the movement of the body, expressions and gestures

  • To be aware of your own non verbal cues and signals for effective communication with others

  • Outline

    A) Introduction

  • What is body language

  • Understanding the outward reflection of a person’s emotional condition

  • Positive Body Language

  • The effect of positive body language on yourself and others

  • Negative Body Language

  • How to change your negative body language to positive

  • Inner Body Language

  • The ability to portray your emotions through body language when what you say is what you feel inside

    B) Key areas of appropriate body language

  • Evaluating gestures

  • What does it mean when a hand lightly rests on the cheek and not as a head support?

  • Eye signals

  • The eyebrow flash, beady eyes and pupil dilation

  • The power of handshakes

  • How the palms and handshakes are used to control

  • How the legs reveal what the mind wants to do

  • How feet tell the truth, the four main standing positions and how to move from closed movement to open

  • The magic of smiles and laughter

  • Differentiate between the genuine and fake smiles and the five common types of smiles

  • Personal space and zone distances

  • Learn about personal space and the 4 distinct zone distances

    C) Interpreting Feelings and Intentions of others

  • Facial expressions

  • How the face reveals the truth

  • Eye Movement

  • What is the meaning of extended blinking or darting eyes?

  • How the hands and arms talk

  • How the hands and arms gesture tells you of what the others are feeling

  • Interpretation of the head movement

  • Head gestures reveal the way we see things and how we feel about them

    Who Should Attend

    Managers Officers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Administrators, Customer Service Officers/personnel, anyone from any levels or industries who work with people internally and/or externally.


  • Interactive discussion
  • Analysis
  • Case Studies
  • Group Work

    Who Should Attend

    Managers, Supervisors, Customer Service Officers and for those dealing with people in the sales and marketing and hospitality arena.

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    Art of Body Language

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