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Dealing With Customer Complaints

Learning Outcomes

You will learn:

At the end of this workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Examine what causes customers to be difficult

  • Analyse own state and determine the approach towards dealing with these customers

  • Identify different customer behaviours

  • Apply empathetic listening and questioning to resolve issues

  • Choose the best response to a complaint

  • Structure your responses effectively

  • Handling customers complaints by phone, emails and face-to-face

  • Outline

    1. Prepare to Deal with Customer Complaints

    - Perception versus Expectation

    - Positive Attitude and Mindset

    2. Identifying Best Response to Complaints

    - Techniques to set a clear objective

    - Understanding who you are writing to

    - Know what the customers need from you

    - Using positive words

    - How to deliver negative news

    3. Handling Complaints by Telephone

    - Listening techniques

    - What body language can help or hinder

    - Putting the customer at ease

    - Practical things to say and do

    - Putting things back on a positive track

    4. Handling Complaints by Emails

    - Why do we need email etiquette?

    - Applying appropriate email structures

    - Sending the right message

    5. Handling Complaints by Letter

    - Getting the structures right

    - Standard forms of closures and enclosures

    - Making it look good

    Who Should Attend

    Customer service managers, line managers, supervisors who are responsible for the service level in their organisations and want to provide excellent customer service.


    To anchor the learning and winning behavior, the workshop incorporates:

  • Mini-lectures
  • Group and individual activities
  • Self-reflections and assessments
  • Case studies
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    Dealing With Customer Complaints

  • Dealing With Customer Complaints
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