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Dealing With Difficult People


Ken Casimir Koh has personally coached and trained over 65,000 professionals, managers, c-Suite, educators, students and parents in Asia, to achieve their desired results in their Professional, Personal, Academic, Spiritual and Financial development pursuit.

His extensive training experience covers Sales, Customer Service, Team Management and Synergy, Personal and Emotional Development, Organisational Development, Digital Marketing and Inborn Personality coaching.

By basing his training methodology on Emotional and Personal Coaching, Ken has helped his trainees in turning the worst of clients into raving fans; toxic organisations into peak performance teams; average work performers to top producers; individual despair and depression into emotional baggage release; and conflicting partners to closer bonds.

He is best known for helping his trainees achieve transformation in the areas of:

1) Self Development, Coaching and Therapy, where trainees work on reflection and rediscovery of SELF, release and break free from Self Limits, project and create a compelling future, and attain Emotional, Intellectual, Physical and even Spiritual alignment for success.

2) Team Development where organisations work on effective communications, connection, integration, cohesion and collaboration, to positively resolve conflicts and achieve desired team outcomes.

3) NLP and Inborn Personality (Enneagram) Coaching where trainees use powerful tools to achieve extraordinary results.

Ken has a Bachelor of IT, and is a certified and highly experienced in: NLP, Leadership Development, Emotion and Communication, Conflict Resolution, Eliciting Peak Performance, Enneagram Coaching, Accelerated Learning, etc.

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Dealing With Difficult People

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