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Dealing With Difficult People

23 August 2016


Ever faced with:

  • Mr Know It All
  • Miss Silence That Kills
  • Sir My Way Or The Highway
  • Ms “Over-friendly and intruding into your space”
  • Ms “Whatever You Say” or Mr “Anything”
  • Mr Full of Doubts
  • Of course you have. They come in the form of your customers, clients, colleagues, subordinates, managers, supervisors, bosses and even your friends, relatives and loved ones (spouse, children, parents!)

    And you know how these people affect your productivity, your mood and at times, your mental, physical and emotional health.

    If you decide that you have suffered enough from these difficult people and that it is time to learn how to effectively deal with and engage difficult people; positively influence them; achieve better results at work, and relationship, this program is for you.

    This one day workshop will focus on the few essential skills a manager needs. You'll learn how each of these skill sets impacts a manager's ability to effectively lead his or her employees.

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    Dealing With Difficult People

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