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Dealing With Difficult People


  • Identify the 9 types of difficult people (and they are BORN with it)

  • The psychology and ingrained personality that makes them difficult

  • Strategies for dealing with and engaging difficult people, and then positively influence them

  • How to apply the NLP "Agreement Frame"

  • How to bypass the Mental Gatekeeper and engage the hearts of difficult people

  • How to “reprimand” difficult people and still have them thank you for it

  • How to manage your own state and defend against difficult people’s negative influence

  • How to turn yourself into someone that looks forward to dealing with difficult people

  • How to manage difficult situations
  • You will be mentally, emotionally prepared and skilled to deal with and engage difficult people.


    Through a series of meticulously planned experiential activities (physical, mental and psychological), sharing, discussion, reflection, trainees will be guided and experience:

    1. Self Awareness and Emotional State management in dealing with difficult situation

    2. Discovery and understanding the 9 types of difficult people and better appreciate their innate traits

    3. NLP Communication Model and how you can easily “Read” a person

    4. How to truly seek first to understand and then be understood

    5. Creating Win-Win through NLP Agreement Frame

    6. Breaking down emotional defences and connecting hearts then mind

    7. Applying the art of “Compassion” and “Ho’Oponopono”

    Who should attend

    Managers, Executives, Supervisors, Sales Professionals, Customer Service and anyone who is having problems dealing with Difficult People.


  • NLP
  • Enneagram of Personality
  • Presentation
  • Experiential Activities (physical, mental and psychological)
  • Reflection Exercises
  • Discussion

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    Dealing With Difficult People

  • Dealing With Difficult People
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