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Effective Presentation Skills


1. To deliver presentations that further your organization’s (and your personal) objectives.

2. To design and develop compelling presentations that meets the needs of your audience.

3. Apply and practice techniques (e.g. relaxation, focus) to avoid stage fright and improve stress management prior and during presentations.

4. Apply and practice the skills to engage audiences (e.g. eye contact, vocal projection, stance, gestures, etc.)

5. Develop your personal stage presence and presentation style.

6. Apply strategies to handle difficult questions and situations.

7. Develop a personal action plan of action to become an effective presenter.


1. Mindset of an Effective Presenter

  • The learning maturity model

  • Mistakes & Lessons

  • The key to connecting

  • 2. Compelling Presentation Planning & Design

  • Structure of an effective presentation (AIDA & Ethos-Pathos-Logos framework)

  • Audience analysis

  • Storyline archetypes

  • Key messaging considerations (checklist will be provided)

  • Story Boarding & Visual aids

  • Exercises and group work

  • 3. Impactful Presentation Delivery

  • Body language (eye, facial, posture, gestures)

  • Voice (power and vocal qualities)

  • Overcoming nervousness & stage fright

  • Video self-assessment & review

  • 4. Stage Presence & Personal Style

  • How to "be yourself" on stage

  • Finding your speaking style

  • Discussion & reflection

  • 5. Strategies to handle difficult questions and situations

  • Technique to address challenges posed by audience

  • Answering questions (Do’s and Don’t)

  • Exercise and practice in handling difficult questions

  • 6. Personal Action Plan

  • Reflection, integration and synthesis of insights

  • Develop personal action plan of influence

  • Methodology

  • Presentation
  • Exercises
  • Case scenarios
  • Discussion
  • Video assessment
  • Videoing of individual participant's 10 minutes presentation
  • The workshop will utilize active learning strategies which incorporate videos, activities, individual reflection, small and large group interactions.

    Who Should Attend

    Individual Contributors, People Managers, Senior HR Executives; HR Supervisors; Assistant HR Managers; HR Managers.

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    Effective Presentation Skills

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