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Effective Email Writing


Upon completion of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Give examples of the most common types of emails and how to write them

  • Identify their existing good and bad email habits

  • Adapt their usual writing style to the medium of email

  • Adjust their tone and formality for your reader and purpose

  • Write emails that get to the point – without pointless waffle

  • Brush-up on their grammar and punctuation

  • Stop and plan their emails – putting the main message up front

  • Use attachments effectively

  • Take control of their inbox

  • Use correct greetings and sign-offs

  • Comply with their in-house policies (eg about confidential information)

  • Outline

    1. Understanding the basic structure of an email

    - Greeting

    - A compliment or pleasantry

    - The reason for your email

    - A call to action

    - A closing message

    - Signature

    2. Understanding the importance of tone, clarity and organization of information of an email

    - Don't over-communicate by email.

    - Make good use of subject lines.

    - Keep messages clear and brief.

    - Be polite.

    - Check your tone.

    - Proofread.

    Email Do’s and Don’ts

    1. When You're the Sender

    - Make sure that email is the right communication tool for the job.

    - Get to the point right away.

    - When asking a question, be sure to ask the question.

    - Be clear about when you need a response.

    - Provide context to frame your message.

    - Don't forget the rules of grammar and punctuation.

    - One message, one topic.

    - Provide a summary when you forward an "FYI" email.

    1. When You're the Recipient

    - Don't make any assumptions about the sender's emotional state.

    - Don't escalate a conflict by sending an emotionally charged response.

    - Ask for clarification.

    - Use your email software's built-in tools to help organize messages.

    - Remember: You don't have to respond to every message right away.

    Putting it all together

  • Group/Individual practice on email topics

  • Who Should Attend

    Executives, Managers, Administrative Personnel and anyone who need to correspond through emails for work purposes.


    This is a highly interactive course based on email writing strategies to apply in the participants’ daily professional work.Participants work in small groups throughout the course to apply the learning to real issues and challenges. Videos, discussions, practical exercises and case studies will be used extensively.

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    Effective Email Writing

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