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Handling Difficult Customers

Learning Objectives

  • Examine what causes people to be difficult and assess if customers are difficult for a reason

  • Analyze their own state and determine the approach towards dealing with difficult customers

  • Identify different difficult customer behaviors

  • Demonstrate effective strategies for dealing with each type of difficult customers

  • Apply empathetic listening and questioning to resolve issues

  • Outline

    1 - Customer Response and Behavior Patterns

  • Identify the various reasons, which lead to angry and dissatisfied customers.

  • Learn to interpret human behavior effectively so as to deal with difficult situations.

  • 2 - Managing Self Emotional State

  • How to handle difficult customers professionally

  • Ability to possess a positive mindset and to demonstrate verbal and non-verbal-communication to near perfection.

  • 3 - Types of Difficult Customers

  • Understanding the behaviors of various difficult customers

  • Developing skills to handle different type of difficult customers

  • 4 - Empathetic Listening and Questioning Skills

  • Importance of empathy in handling difficult customers

  • Developing empathetic listening skills

  • Using questioning skills to determine issues of the customers

  • 5 - Defusing Techniques for Dealing with Difficult Customers

  • Strategies to deal with different difficult customer behaviors

  • Apply consequential thinking to a response and its impact on customers

  • Methodology

    To anchor the learning and winning behavior, the workshop incorporates self-assessment, video lesson, group work, case study and role-play

    Who should attend

  • Customer Service Personnel

  • Customer Support Managers and Executives

  • Service Agents

  • Front-line service staff as well as staff in back-up and support roles

  • Anyone who need to deal with customers in their day-to-day work

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    Handling Difficult Customers

  • Handling Difficult Customers
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