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Leadership Quickstep Workshop


In this workshop, participants will learn about:

  • Three key pillars of good leadership

  • Roles of a leader

  • Ways to sharpen the leader’s listening skills

  • The TRUST Equation

  • Anatomy of difficult conversations

  • Methods and tools to engage, influence and motivate team members

  • Outline

    The workshop is practice-oriented, and involves fun and engaging experiential learning.

    Participants will share their individual experiences, from which methodologies and tools will be introduced for targeted intervention:

  • Who me? A leader? Yes You!

  • How do leaders lead? Difference between Manager and Leader

  • The demands on a leader

  • "You are not listening!" three levels of listening skills

  • Trust – how to gain it and keep it

  • Difficult conversations – what's said, what's not said

  • From defensive conversation to generative conversation

  • Methodology

    To anchor the learning and winning behaviour, the workshop incorporates:

  • Culling from participants' actual workplace experience

  • Interactive exercises and role plays

  • Video case studies

  • Who Should Attend

    Managers/Leaders at all levels, who are interested in being effective in delivering results, commitment and growth.

    Benefits of Attending This Course

    This workshop will change the way you interact with your colleagues. You will learn how to really listen, get into another person's mindspace, appreciate his/her perspective and from there, the door opens to influencing and motivating.

    Ultimately, this leads to an extraordinary team that is engaged, committed and delivers.

    What questions this training program provides answers to:

  • What does it take for me to be an effective leader?

  • What inspires? What moves? What engages?

  • How can I make a difference to my team?

  • How can I engage, influence or motivate?

  • How can I gain and keep their trust?

  • How do we move from a group to a team?

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    Leadership Quickstep Workshop

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