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Effective Minutes Writing Workshop


In this one day workshop, participants learn to:

  • Appreciate the importance of a clear and structured agenda in taking the minutes in a meeting.

  • Anticipate and manage typical challenges when setting up an agenda.

  • Obtain background information so as to take better notes.

  • Listen effectively to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information

  • Understand how various sections of minutes can be labelled.

  • Use language correctly to convey your meaning accurately and clearly.

  • Learn how to use the reported speech correctly, as required in writing minutes.

  • Write concise sentences and paragraphs so that minutes are easier to read.

  • Outline

    Preparing the Agenda

  • The importance of a Notice and Agenda to the smooth running of a meeting

  • How agenda items can help you take better notes

  • Overcoming common problems in setting up a clear and accurate agenda

  • Taking Notes Effectively

  • Preparing yourself for efficient note-taking

  • Working with the chairperson before and during meetings

  • Clarifying and confirming points professionally and confidently

  • How to actively listen for main points and actions

  • Differentiating between relevant and irrelevant details

  • Distinguishing between the need-to-know and nice-to-know, and knowing what to record

  • Preparing Accurate Minutes

  • Types of meetings, and different types of minutes you may need to prepare

  • Accepted ways of labeling different sections of minutes

  • The ideal time frame for compiling and distributing your minutes

  • Using attachments appropriately and effectively

  • The Right Way to Write Minutes

  • Using language effectively to make your minutes clear and accurate

  • Being specific and focused when presenting your points

  • Making your minutes reader-friendly by using sentences and paragraphs effectively

  • Portraying discussions accurately by using correct tenses

  • Methodology

    The workshop is highly interactive, including presentations, exercises, group discussions, and feedback. In small groups, you will get hands-on practice taking notes and writing up a set of minutes. All the activities are based on real case scenarios, so that the learning is relevant and applicable to work situations.

    Who Should Attend

    Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Office Managers, Administrative Support Professionals, Executives, and Managers - this workshop is useful to anyone who needs to prepare meeting documents, record notes, and present minutes professionally.

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    Effective Minutes Writing

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