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Projecting a Professional Image


On completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Increases new business development opportunities.

  • Gives working professionals the tools to impress and build business relationships.

  • Makes awkward business situations more comfortable.

  • Builds confidence and helps create winning business styles.

  • Enables working professionals to stay one step ahead of the competition.

  • Outline

    First Impression

  • The first 30 seconds

  • - Project authority in the way you dress

    - Beware of Image Destroyers

  • Facts and Psychology of Colours

  • The Harmony of Colours in what you wear to look your best

  • Importance of colours in wardrobe management

  • Uncommon Sense In Dress Sense

  • Identify your own body shape and figure type

  • Learn how to camouflage your figure faults and look your best

  • How to dress to project credibility and authority and yet according to your personality and lifestyle

  • It’s not about size; it’s about scale and proportion!

  • Dress Codes: Formal/Informal/Lounge Suite & Casual Smart

  • A Gentleman's Wardrobe

  • Be well-groomed - a maintenance program for men

  • TIE
  • - How to choose a good tie

    - Knots to complement the different collars

    - How to combine colours and patterns when wearing your tie, shirt and suit

  • - Everything you need to know about collars, cuffs, cotton, craftsmanship and correct fit for your shirt

  • - Important notes about jacket suits, single vs double-breasted

    - Story of the vest

    - Patterns & colours for the various occasions

    - Correct fit for jacket, shirt and trousers

  • Dress Code : Formal/Informal/Lounge Suite & Casual Smart

  • Visual Poise and Posture

  • Deportment

  • Visual Poise - The way to stand, sit and walk elegantly

  • The way to get in/out of a car elegantly

  • Social Graces

  • Greetings and Introductions

  • Social Etiquette & Everyday Etiquette

  • e.g. Punctuality, privacy, giving and receiving compliments, etc

  • Business Etiquette & Professional Behaviour

  • Business Etiquette (e.g. proper address, exchanging cards, etc)

  • The ‘Magnificent Seven’ attributes of a highly professional person

  • The ‘Dirty Dozen” – twelve phrases you shouldn’t say in the workplace

  • Methodology

    Presentations will be supplemented by role plays and exercises to drive learning points.

    Who Should Attend

    Officer, executives, managers and those who need to acquire social skills and basic business etiquettes.

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    Projecting a Professional Image

  • Projecting a Professional Image
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