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Time Management Workshop

Learning Objectives

  • Expedite work projects

  • Complete projects on time

  • Organize personal and business activities

  • Planning, executing and evaluating work activities

  • Eliminate time wastages

  • Learning Outcomes

    Participants completing the course will be able to:

  • Recognize where your time goes, and better understand how you spend it

  • Save, and make better use of your time

  • Decide what you really need to do, and what is better done by others

  • Identify who and what steals your time

  • Learn techniques for analyzing and prioritizing your workload

  • Discover how to manage yourself and others

  • Outline

    Getting started

  • Clarify what balance means to an individual

  • To recognise where your time goes, and better understand how to spend it

  • Identify who and what steals your time

  • Analysing and prioritising your workload

  • SMART goal setting

  • Monitoring current balance & stress levels

  • Practical tips to improve time and stress management

  • The 'Big Picture'

  • Identify your daily routine

  • Your daily routine and goal setting

  • Benefits of prioritizing work according to goals set

  • Identify methods to help manage work priorities

  • Know when to delegate

  • Managing yourself and others

  • Dealing with time-wasters

  • Getting organised with modern technologies

  • Managing your appointments

  • Dealing with interruptions

  • Being assertive

  • Understanding your and others' needs

  • Solving typical time management problem

  • Types of Behaviours: Passive, Aggressive and Assertive

  • The art of saying 'no'

  • Managing stress

  • Identify the sources of stress

  • Methods of managing stress

  • Managing Personal Growth

  • Identification of personal goals and how to relate them to their job and organizational goal

  • Establishing and prioritize personal goals

  • Methodology

    To anchor the learning and winning behavior, the workshop incorporates:

  • Mini Lectures
  • Video Lessons
  • Time Management Worksheets
  • Self-Assessment

  • Who should attend

    Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Administrators, Supervisors, Executives and Managers.

    Benefits of Attending This Course

    This course helps participant to make the most of their time by improving the way they organize, priorities and delegate their workload.

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    Time Management Workshop

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